Crowd of people at Newmarket Riverwalk Commons during jazz festival

Why Newmarket

Image of biker going over bridge in parkland

​​​​There is a reason why year after year Newmarket has been named one of the best places to live in Canada (according to MoneySense Magazine).  A thriving and supportive business culture, big city amenities combined with small town charm and a quality of life that is second to none are just a few of the reasons why yo​​u will love it here.​

Newmarket is renowned for our collaborative business spirit where public secto​r organizations and the business community work together to advance economic development opportunities. Businesses owners appreciate the accessible local business community and municipal government. With such a cooperative relationship between the Town and its local bus​inesses, partnerships bloom, businesses flourish, and the economic future of Newmarket has never been brighter.​

Learn more about Newmarket and why we have been recognized as one of Canada's top communities. Visit the Town website to meet the Mayor of Newmarket and the Newmarket Town Council.​​