Animal Services


​​​​​​​​​​The Town's Animal Licensing, Regulation and Control By-law 2016-53 regulates the keeping of animals within the town. By-law 2017-34​ amends the Animal Licensing, Regulation and Control By-law to permit Backyard Hens. 

Animal Control will respond to calls pertaining to matters of animal licensing, as well as 'stoop and scoop' issues, barking complaints and animals running at large.

Animal Control will also respond to cases where small wildlife is sick or injured. If you require the removal of wildlife from your property, please consult your local yellow pages directory.

Animal Control can be contacted at: 1-855-898-8605.

Adopting a pet

To adopt a pet, or to find out more information about adopting a pet, please visit the Animal Control & Adoption Centre​ located at 26815 Civic Centre Road in the Town of Georgina.